What, When n Where

Qigong class Tuesdays 6.00 – 7.30pm

@ Gissing Community Building, near Diss, UK.

NO STAY, NO PAY  Try a class at no financial risk before committing to a block of six weeks.

New winter  block starts January 30th 2018

The following Spring block starts April 3rd

“As ever, brilliant and just what we all needed.  Many thanks!”

“I came in feeling tense and scattered and now feel wonderfully integrated, spacious, settled, calm and…lovely.. Thank you.”

 Qigong Workshops in Norwich, UK. 2018

@ The Norwich Well-being center in conjunction with The Shiatsu College, Norwich


Sunday Jan 28th         Standing Qigong: Theory and practice    9.30 – 1.30 / £45

Qigong, as a generic practice, includes different styles of standing meditation. Why are they different? What are they for? What are they supposed to do? This session will look at the physical alignments, the applications of Ting and the effects we can expect from three different ‘types’ of standing practice. We will experience why different standing postures stimulate, activate and initiate different processes

Suitable for all as we will each control the length of time we stand in each practice session.

Booking via http://shiatsucollege.co.uk/courses/workshops-classes/


Sunday Feb 25th      Wu Daoyin: Guiding and leading Qi    9.30 – 1.30 / £45 (affiliated to Lotus Nei Gong International)

Sometimes information in the body from past events continues to hold us back and needs to go. Sometimes physical damage to the body is holding back the smooth operation of our movements or our energy flow. Sometimes stagnation needs to be shifted with a bit of assertiveness and nothing else will do. The ‘Daoyins’ can be used to shift stagnation, clear, open and lengthen the body for improved function. This could be a sweaty, slightly challenging morning, which – after exhausting you – will leave you feeling lighter, brighter, and happier. Bring a towel! These Daoyins are part of Lotus Nei Gong syllabus.

Booking via http://shiatsucollege.co.uk/courses/workshops-classes/

Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong – Sunday April 8th / 9.30 – 4.30 / £70

An in-depth look at four moving forms from this set of Medical Qigong. We will be looking in detail at the subtle mechanics and energetics of pulsing as well as the application of a range of Qigong skills. Handouts will be provided

Suitable for beginners as well as those already familiar with this set

(NOT Lotus Nei Gong syllabus. Granted permission to teach this material by Bruce Frantzis, of Energy Arts International)

Booking via http://shiatsucollege.co.uk/courses/workshops-classes/


Tai chi  (Beijing 24 step) weekly classes

New students welcome in February 2018. Please let me know of your intention to come along.

Block of six weeks £50. JUST TURN UP FIRST WEEK or try a class at any time on a ‘no stay-no pay’ policy. Once happy, students commit to a block six weeks at a time. You may get your six classes from one or a mixture of the two locations per week.

NOT Lotus Nei Gong syllabus

Wednesdays Hoxne village hall, Nr. Eye, Suffolk, U.K. 

New block starting Jan 23rd 10.00-11.30

Thursdays Mendham & Withersdale Village Hall, near Harleston, Norfolk, U.K.

New block starting Jan 24th 10.00 – 11.30

Just turn up for a No Stay, No Pay taster class