Qigong & Tai chi

Qigong is a Taoist process of cultivating Qi.  The practice involves  developing a mindful awareness of physical, emotional, and mental habits so that they can be transformed.  It can help you get back to health after illness or take you to you beyond health to unfold your full potential. 

Tai chi classes focus on Beijing 24 step which uses representative movements of Yang style as a practice for health maintenance. This is a simplified version of Tai chi developed by the Chinese government, suitable for beginners.

These are Internal Energy Arts. Classes are challenging but fun and include explanations/discussions of how aspects of the arts overlap with Western physiology and scientific understanding. There is individual, partner, and group work. Standing postures are very important. Postural alignments are crucial to avoid injury and to enhance flow of fluids and Qi. Joints are opened, soft tissue is lengthened, emphasis is made on enabling the spine to become supple and flexible.

Humour is important too.

New students are encouraged to start a daily practice of standing meditation for a few months after which their practice is developed to suit their individual needs.

Cindy’s classes offer immense benefit to body, mind, emotions and spirit.  Her workshops are like a mystery outing that we attend with eager anticipation. She leads our awareness on a journey of discovery into our bodies and beyond.” Tessa Dunbar (massage therapist)

“Cindy is an erudite and skilled teacher with a great sense of humour!” Sue Holland (Psychotherapist)

Regular Classes

Qigong @ Gissing Village Hall, nr. Diss, Tuesdays 6.00 – 7.30pm 

Taiji @ Withersdale and Mendham village hall, Thursdays 10.00 -11.30

Taiji @ Hoxne village hall, Thursdays 12.30-2.00