WildHealth BodyWork offers classes, workshops, one-to-one consultations and treatments to enable optimized health and wellbeing.

Wild Health is robust, adaptable, and self-reliant

Achieving a natural vitality involves on-going self-regulation

Two things led to the publication of my first book, Wild Health.  One, was continuing interest in animal behaviour after my PhD. The other, was chronic ill health. It occurred to me that, in the wild, animals adopt a range of health-maintenance strategies to survive in the absence of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and supplements. They cannot wait until they are unwell before taking remedial action. Natural selection favours those individuals who strive to constantly maintain health though nutrition, self-medication, zoopharmacognosy, and self-regulation. As such, they act as models for natural self-regulation. More details…

[Photo: chimpanzee selecting a mechanical scour for a gut full of worms, c/o Prof M. Huffman]

Since then, my interest in health-maintenance strategies has widened to include traditional practices of personal transformation and frontier research in human biology.

WildHealth BodyWork aims to enable self-reliance.

Movement is increasingly important in our sedentary society. But not just any kind of movement. Mindful movement in which physical, emotional, and mental regulation is developed simultaneously has proven most effective for long-term health management.  More details…

Receiving therapeutic bodywork is an effective way to self-monitor; discovering emerging health problems as well as treating current conditions.  More details…