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  • Optimizing health using only our inherent abilities & natural resources
  • Enabling self sufficiency

My practice as a professional bodyworker is based on observation of the natural world. I look for what works; what helps us get well, stay well, and live longer without reliance on industrialized medicine. My aim is to enable a self sufficiency that is not dependent on a ‘health’ industry selling us products or gadgets. I’m intrigued by the kind of health one can achieve naturally even in the modern world.

Rooted in a background of research in the Life Sciences and willing to explore whatever works, I use an integrative approach drawing on traditional and modern practices, based on Eastern and Western understanding–all of which emphasize prevention of disease.

Achieving a natural vitality involves taking responsibility for our own well being.

For over 3,000 years Taoist adepts have been cultivating long life. It’s their thing. It’s what they do. A major part of their longevity practice is meditative exercise, now known as chi gung (Qigong or chi kung) and it is the best form of self help I know. Adopted by Buddhist monks to improve health after long periods of sedentary meditation, Qigong is often translated as ‘energy cultivation’. The key is working physical and mental states at the same time.

I offer classes, workshops and individual practice programmes in Qigong, meditation, longevity breathing, medical Qigong (Buddhist and Taoist), elemental Qigong,  and more. More details…

Receiving regular treatments from competent bodyworkers provides essential feedback on what is going on in your body.  Not only can a good practitioner help alleviate acute symptoms and so reduce your need for medication or surgery, but they can also identify physical, mental and emotional imbalances before problems appear. This makes it possible to make proactive changes which will improve your health. There are many suitably sophisticated forms of bodywork (and I am trained in more than one form) but I structure my hands on bodywork around zen shiatsu. More details…

“Years after recovering from a slipped disc, any stress continued to go straight to the same weakness leaving me in agony and completely debilitated. Shiatsu has made a very real difference to my life – I feel like I have a new body – one which no longer lets me down.” Lynne Ward (teacher)

Our physical health is dependent on our mental and emotional well being yet modern life is full of self destructive habits rooted in emotional unease, for example, we may know what is good for us yet continue to do the opposite.

Modern psychotherapy has discovered some surprisingly effective simple DIY treatments. Emotional Freedom Technique and Thought Field Therapy are simple tapping procedures used to disengage particularly unhelpful emotional states attached to certain memories or thoughts. Once you have learned the procedure you do not rely on a practitioner. You treat yourself. In addition, Mindfulness Meditation is being used with great effect. These tools may be used in my treatment sessions. More details…

Wild animals do not rely on the pharmaceutical industry to cure their ills. They have had to find ways of thriving without artificial input. Because of this, they make fantastic models of a healthy natural lifestyle.

My original training as a biologist lead me to research and publish a popular science book  describing what we can learn from observing how wild animals keep themselves well.  Natural selection has favoured those animals who find medicinal substances in the wild. Remnants of these abilities are still functional in humans and domestic animals although seriously dampened by modern dietary imbalance.  More details…